Kraybold the Coward – Part One

Part I:

Storms come and storms go, some more intense and vicious than others. The severity of the storm is not what is remembered, but what is left in its aftermath. Death and destruction often follow close behind surprises of nature. The most startling aspect of this is not the incremental damage in the aftermath, but the sense we receive of the natural order of the universe from these startling events. Mother Nature is a powerful force that can not easily be reckoned with. At least, not many have survived to tell the tale.
Kraybold had a bizarre personal policy. As a rule, he never went out of his way to watch the weather forecasts. If somebody mentioned there was a chance of rain, he would remark, “so there is also a chance that it may not rain.” No profession of mankind has flourished by being wrong more than they are right as the science of meteorology has. One may presume that weather forecasters are just glorified fortune tellers and psychics. Inasmuch as weather forecasters are ever right, they can chalk that up as a score, since most lay people have zero predictive powers.
An ominous cloud seemed to follow Kraybold around as he took his morning stroll on the coast. He chose to reside in a coastal town so he could be closer to the elemental surroundings of water. He was constantly amazed by the forces present in the massive ocean, although it was rare that he wandered in by foot or in a boat. He preferred to view the waves and churning water from the shore.

To be continued…

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