Kraybold the Coward – Part Nine

Part IX:

Even though the offensive move by Kraybold had been completely unexpected, Seringal maintained absolute composure. Kraybold continued by holding the sharp edge of the knife right against Seringal’s Adam’s Apple. This was done more for effect than anything else.
“You are just a child, is this some sort of joke?”
Kraybold’s voice lashed out on the boy’s eardrums with the force of a raging bull at the front of a stampede. Still, the boy maintained his composure, to the dismay of Kraybold.
“I am not prepared to put my trust behind you. Our work here is beyond the scope of your comprehension. How can I put the lives of myself and my men in your hands?”
“I know more about this town than any of my elders. I have seen with my own eyes the arrogance and the cruelty of man. I need not prove myself to you. If you do not want my help, you may slash my throat right now.”
The words the boy spoke came as a great surprise to Kraybold as he took a moment to reflect on what had just been said. Time was of the essence and he wasn’t known to take his time making important decisions. This had been what helped him make his way up the ranks of the army. He was a pouncer and quick to make up his mind.

To be continued…

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