Kraybold the Coward – Part Five

Part V

“It came all of a sudden, like those distinct moments you recall later because of the unexpected force which they are thrust upon you. The call came in at 4:17 in the morning. I distinctly remember looking at my pocket watch that I keep on my nightstand as i heard the obnoxious ringing of the telephone. From when I can remember, a sudden alarm such as this always produces in me a feeling that, more often than not, I feel right in the pit of my stomach. I suppose one can’t say whether this is a feeling of the stomach, or mind, but it causes me every time to experience a jerking of my entire body.
“My private sentiments are not important in this affair, as it is much larger than me or my family. I was related an order from a commanding officer of the highest degree. I shall not divulge his name and it has no bearing on our survival. He said simply this: ‘When you joined the service you were told of a lost secret that was stolen many years ago. After many failed attempts to retrieve it, we have finally some solid evidence of its whereabouts. A telegram will follow and your team is being assembled. Since you already know too much, you have no choice but to proceed. Your life and the safety of your family depends on it.’
“Then the line was cut and I heard no more. I have in front of me the telegram, which was sent via facsimile just as the call ended. It relates the last verified location of this C247 and the last known location of the person guarding it. The woman in charge of its safe-keeping has passed on and the stone must now be moved, according to custom. We have been given the task to intercept this move and secure the treasure.”

To be continued…

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