Kraybold the Coward – Part Fifteen

Part XV:

Kraybold had barely poked his head out of the bunker when he saw Seringal waving the red flag, signaling danger. He felt sheepishly in his pocket to make sure he had not dropped the C247 in his haste to return. He raced to meet Seringal halfway to see what the danger was. His composure had taken on a much more pleasant character and Seringal instantly took notice. Fearful of inciting Kraybold, Seringal kept his judgment to himself as he began speaking.
“Your men were ambushed and two have been shot dead. The other two were wounded and take into custody by the authorities. I fear the mission has been a failure and the parade is just getting started.”
“That is terrible news. I beg you to attempt the rescue all by yourself. I will wait at the top of the hill and look out for danger.”
“It would be a suicide mission to leave now,” replied Seringal. “But as a show of good faith, I will do as you request.”
Kraybold followed Seringal to the top of the hill and watched as the boy made his way down into the valley. Kraybold decided to spare the boy’s life, since he knew nothing of his ulterior motives. As soon as the boy was out of sight, Kraybold began his long trek across the desert to find his way back home. Less rushed this time, it took him about two weeks to make his way back to a safe zone, where he was to secure a plane ticket for the journey home. Each night as he laid down to sleep, he was thinking about how excited his superiors would be at his success, while wondering who he was actually protecting with his deceit.

To be continued…

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