Kraybold the Coward – Part Eleven

Part XI:

Seringal begrudgingly complied with Kraybold’s request by wheeling about and then marching his way up the gradual slope to the top of the hillside. From this level, he could see into the valley where the town was. The parade was scheduled to begin in about one hour’s time. This gave Kraybold time to pen a letter that he neatly folded and placed in his back pocket. Should he be found dead, he wanted his family to know how important they were to him.
The time had come for Kraybold to hatch his real plan, now that his team and Seringal were sufficiently occupied. Kraybold had kept one very important part of the transmission he received a secret. From the message, he had learned of an underground tunnel to the antechamber where the gem was said to be housed just prior to it changing hands to its new protector.
Kraybold placed his cap snugly on his head and began his journey towards the entrance to the underground passage. It was located about 1,200 feet to the southwest of where he currently stood. Greed is a powerful emotion and it had Kraybold deep in its grip. He had decided that he would betray his country and steal the diamond to keep all for himself. He still had his work cut out for him and he needed to act quickly, before his betrayal could be discovered. Nightime would be coming soon and the haze of dusk would help him to catch everybody off guard.

To be continued…

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