Kraybold the Coward – Part Eight

Part VIII:

In a small journal that Kraybold carried in his back pocket, he had scribbled down a basic plan that would require a great deal of patience to execute. Coupled with the informant they were to meet up with in just four hours, he put their odds of success at just over sixty percent. He assigned each of the four men with a different point to enter the city under the cover of night. They each had an assigned position and angle to attack. Nothing remained except carrying out the assignment. Whichever man secured the gem, he was to head straight for the outside of the city, where Kraybold would be waiting.
Before departing, Commander Flowers took a moment to thank his home country for providing so well for him and his family He encouraged each man to stand strong and support the cause for the “greeter good.”
As soon as the men had departed, Kraybold summoned the infidel who was set to betray his home country. Seringal was his name and within minutes of being called by Kraybold he came running onto the scene.
“I have been waiting for your call, sir, I am Seringal.”
“Please, have a seat. I need to gather my thoughts before we go any further.”
“Yes, sir, take all the time you need.”
Seringal was a boy of only 12, but one look into his vivid, brown eyes and you could see he had endured a great deal of suffering. He had long, coarse black hair and a dark complexion. He spoke firmly, but with a sort of blind adherence in his tone. Kraybold rose in front of the boy and drew his pocket knife.

To be continued…

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