Tyrannical Overdrive

Tyrannical Overdrive is a poem about escaping from that which overpowers.

A Grievance

A Grievance is a poem about having a negative association with something in your life.

Around the Bend

Around the Bend is an uplifting poem meant to inspire action.

Frame of Reference

Frame of Reference is a poem about having a starting point to fall back on in times of trouble.

Much Better Together

Much Better Together is a poem about appreciating what you have.

Room to Move

Room to Move is a poem about being in an uncomfortable position and not knowing which move to make.


Curfew is a poem about the time of night when you realize you have been awake too long.

Treetops in Paradise

  Persimmon left a tale derived from an epiphany; In spite of certain whelps to make a litany.   Atop an airbrushed cascade of green and blue, Trounced by crushing canopies arranged by you.   [...]

A Twelve Mile Fish

A Twelve Mile Fish is a poem about a fisherman who catches the biggest fish he has ever seen.

Lemon Zest

Lemon Zest is a poem about the refreshingly tart taste of citrus fruit.


Speakeasy is a poem about the great days of the 1920's in America.

Tiny Trampoline

  Amidst the shavings, pardon the smell; A tiny mouse that can ne'er do well.   A wheel that broke, he spun too much; You can look, but please don't touch.   A giant step [...]

Whittle Diddle

  Everyone knows cows and cats don't fiddle; But it sounds great when they whittle diddle.   Woodworkers carve what they split all day, Counting corn fixes flappers, the end of May.   If you [...]

Corrugated Fibers

Corrugated Fibers is a poem about boxes made from undulated fibers connected together.

Trending Toward Indifference

Trending Toward Indifference is a poem about something that was once very important, but is starting to become irrelevant.

Portentous Pancake

The day began with glue upon my face; Mushy toast and runny eggs, a disgrace. A portentous pancake lay there on a plate. Less inviting than a dog without a crate. Cold raisins soaked with [...]

I am in Control

I am in Control is a poem about those times in life when we feel on top of the world after being beaten down.

Woeful with a Head Full

Woeful with a Head Full describes just how miserable it can be to feel stuffed up.

Pricked by a Thistle

Pricked by a Thistle is a poem about multi-dimensions. What seems at first to be obvious never turns out that way.

Fire-Filled Reprise

  Furious with rage, yet stauch to a cause; It's not who wins, but who first draws.   A pistol with no purpose but to play, Making transformations along the way.   In final form, [...]