A Weak Pule

A Weak Pule is a poem about what happens when one attempts to cry, but nothing comes out.


Blandly is a poem about doing things without meaning, by simple chance.

Riding My Bicycle, In the Rain

Riding My Bicycle, In the Rain is a poem about taking a moment to reflect on the simpler things in life.


Terwillick is a poem about forming words from little else than the collection of your own conscious thoughts.

Irma’s Gift

  Irma had this thing, she knew it was for real. No matter how she tried, she never could conceal. The more she made it suffer, the pleasanter it grew. For failing fissures won't reveal [...]

Into the Eye of Darkness

Into the Eye of Darkness is a poem about the slippery slope of attempting to blackmail somebody.

Calling Home

Calling Home is a poem about reaching out to loved ones that are home and miss you.

Bushels of Mush

Bushels of Mush is a poem about the fruits and vegetables of the Earth.

A Fine Line

A Fine Line is a poem about the imaginary lines in life that, once crossed, can never be taken back.


Temporarily is a poem about the enjoyable moments in life that are almost always fleeting.

The Reaper

The Reaper is a poem about enduring pain to find beauty in the mundane.

Demons of Fate

Demons of Fate is a poem about powers of evil that seek to pacify the herd.

The Tigress

The Tigress is a poem about the female persona.

Best of the Best

Best of the Best is a poem about appreciating people.

The Jester

  A realist, of the hardened romantical sort; The wealth of a nation, housed in Knox's fort.   Happy endings that only come in fairy tales, Suffering, we escape to the bodies of whales.   [...]

Ambitious Icarus Too

Ambitious Icarus Too is a poem about getting too close to something that can potentially cause great harm.

The House on the Hill

The House on the Hill is a poem about a place you can settle down.

Overcast Skies

Overcast Skies is a poem about the ominous look in the sky when rain is on the way.

The Test of Time

The Test of Time is a poem about longing for things that endure the simple test of longevity.

Fire up the Balloons

Fire up the balloons is a poem about blowing off energy.