Framingham Friends

Framingham Friends is a poem about old friends in a small form town called Framingham.

Humble Bumble Bee

Humble Bumble Bee is a poem about a tiny little bee that lives in its own world.

Courageous Cuff

Courageous Cuff is a poem about Cuff, a guy who was more courageous than most.

Gargantuan Gypsy

Gargantuan Gypsy is a poem about a fortune teller that has gotten to big for their britches.


Charades is a poem about communicating with actions instead of words.

A Piece of Dust

A Piece of Dust is a poem about something small that is often overlooked.

Casting Doubt

Casting Doubt is a poem about the subtle shade of gray that is cast over things that appear untrue.

Secrets of the Scatterbrained

Secrets of the Scatterbrained is a poem about those who have lots to share but can’t organize their thoughts to communicate.

Cold Feels So Alone

Cold Feels So Alone is a poem about the bitterness the body feels when out in frigid weather.

Prone to Faffle

Prone to Faffle is a poem about being tongue tied.

Perfunctory Retaliation

Perfunctory Retaliation is the act of responding indignantly to something without taking much time to consider the consequences.

Defused Dilemma

Defused Dilemma is a poem about stopping what could have been a frightful situation before things get out of hand.

Pasty White

Pasty White is a poem about the face of white that occurs after seeing an apparition.

Running Amok

Running Amok is a poem about living in a frenzied state of mind and how that impacts oneself and others.

Caressing a Callous

Caressing a Callous is a poem about treating kindly those that have suffered invariably at the winds of fate.

Ethereal for Real

Ethereal for Real is a poem about something that seems too good to be true that often is just that.

Conduct not Becoming

Conduct not Becoming is a poem about people who become role models but don’t behave as if they are.

Inside Jack’s Head

Inside Jack’s Head   We journeyed long and far to find respite, In search of moments less obvious and trite.   The path ran across a jagged cliff and led Us round the foggy ruins [...]

Comfort Zone

Comfort Zone is a poem about finding a place that you can make your own, even if it may not seem comfortable at first.

A Fistulectomy

A Fistulectomy is a poem about an operation to remove a fistula from the body.

A Weak Pule

A Weak Pule is a poem about what happens when one attempts to cry, but nothing comes out.


Blandly is a poem about doing things without meaning, by simple chance.

Riding My Bicycle, In the Rain

Riding My Bicycle, In the Rain is a poem about taking a moment to reflect on the simpler things in life.


Terwillick is a poem about forming words from little else than the collection of your own conscious thoughts.

Irma’s Gift

Irma’s Gift   Irma had this thing, she knew it was for real. No matter how she tried, she never could conceal. The more she made it suffer, the pleasanter it grew. For failing fissures [...]

Into the Eye of Darkness

Into the Eye of Darkness is a poem about the slippery slope of attempting to blackmail somebody.

Calling Home

Calling Home is a poem about reaching out to loved ones that are home and miss you.

Bushels of Mush

Bushels of Mush is a poem about the fruits and vegetables of the Earth.

A Fine Line

A Fine Line is a poem about the imaginary lines in life that, once crossed, can never be taken back.


Temporarily is a poem about the enjoyable moments in life that are almost always fleeting.

The Reaper

The Reaper is a poem about enduring pain to find beauty in the mundane.

Demons of Fate

Demons of Fate is a poem about powers of evil that seek to pacify the herd.

The Tigress

The Tigress is a poem about the female persona.

Best of the Best

Best of the Best is a poem about appreciating people.

The Jester

The Jester   A realist, of the hardened romantical sort; The wealth of a nation, housed in Knox’s fort.   Happy endings that only come in fairy tales, Suffering, we escape to the bodies of [...]

Ambitious Icarus Too

Ambitious Icarus Too is a poem about getting too close to something that can potentially cause great harm.

The House on the Hill

The House on the Hill is a poem about a place you can settle down.

Overcast Skies

Overcast Skies is a poem about the ominous look in the sky when rain is on the way.

The Test of Time

The Test of Time is a poem about longing for things that endure the simple test of longevity.

Fire up the Balloons

Fire up the balloons is a poem about blowing off energy.

Tyrannical Overdrive

Tyrannical Overdrive is a poem about escaping from that which overpowers.

A Grievance

A Grievance is a poem about having a negative association with something in your life.

Around the Bend

Around the Bend is an uplifting poem meant to inspire action.

Frame of Reference

Frame of Reference is a poem about having a starting point to fall back on in times of trouble.

Much Better Together

Much Better Together is a poem about appreciating what you have.

Room to Move

Room to Move is a poem about being in an uncomfortable position and not knowing which move to make.


Curfew is a poem about the time of night when you realize you have been awake too long.

Treetops in Paradise

Treetops in Paradise   Persimmon left a tale derived from an epiphany; In spite of certain whelps to make a litany.   Atop an airbrushed cascade of green and blue, Trounced by crushing canopies arranged [...]

A Twelve Mile Fish

A Twelve Mile Fish is a poem about a fisherman who catches the biggest fish he has ever seen.

Lemon Zest

Lemon Zest is a poem about the refreshingly tart taste of citrus fruit.


Speakeasy is a poem about the great days of the 1920’s in America.

Tiny Trampoline

Tiny Trampoline   Amidst the shavings, pardon the smell; A tiny mouse that can ne’er do well.   A wheel that broke, he spun too much; You can look, but please don’t touch.   A [...]

Whittle Diddle

Whittle Diddle   Everyone knows cows and cats don’t fiddle; But it sounds great when they whittle diddle.   Woodworkers carve what they split all day, Counting corn fixes flappers, the end of May.   [...]

Corrugated Fibers

Corrugated Fibers is a poem about boxes made from undulated fibers connected together.

Trending Toward Indifference

Trending Toward Indifference is a poem about something that was once very important, but is starting to become irrelevant.

Portentous Pancake

Portentous Pancake The day began with glue upon my face; Mushy toast and runny eggs, a disgrace. A portentous pancake lay there on a plate. Less inviting than a dog without a crate. Cold raisins [...]

I am in Control

I am in Control is a poem about those times in life when we feel on top of the world after being beaten down.

Woeful with a Head Full

Woeful with a Head Full describes just how miserable it can be to feel stuffed up.

Pricked by a Thistle

Pricked by a Thistle is a poem about multi-dimensions. What seems at first to be obvious never turns out that way.

Fire-Filled Reprise

Fire-Filled Reprise   Furious with rage, yet stauch to a cause; It’s not who wins, but who first draws.   A pistol with no purpose but to play, Making transformations along the way.   In [...]

A Soft Spray

A soft spray is a poem about water flowing out of the nozzle of a spray bottle.

A Muffle in the Head Row

A Muffle in the Head Row is a poem describing a muddled thought, lacking clarity and resolution.

The Sound of Running Water

The Sound of Running Water is a poem about the peaceful sound of a stream that trickles over rocks.

Spring Poem

Spring Poem is a poem written about the change of season from Winter to Spring. It is meant to be shaped in the form of a kite.

Erstwhile Bland

Erstwhile Bland is a poem about transforming from something boring and bland into something filled with energy and excitement.


Collapse is a poem about how it feels to seek things that we either do not or can not have.

Pleased as Punch

Pleased as Punch is a poem about existentialism, being satisfied with what you have, for better or worse.

Not Yet Acquainted

Not Yet Acquainted is a poem about meeting someone for the first time and how it becomes an important moment.

An Unpleasant Odor

An Unpleasant Odor is a poem about the things in life that disturb the senses.

Only a Swath Remains

Only a Swath Remains is a poem about what is left after an initial feeling of happiness passes.

A Fever

A Fever   I woke up very early, one fine October morning; Stricken with a fever that came without a warning.   At first a sniffle, then a tickle in my throat; Perhaps, last night, [...]

Rhythmic Footfalls

Rhythmic Footfalls   Hut one, hut two, pay attention, if you please; Stopping on a dime to exchange some pleasantries.   She’ll be comin’ round the mountain with her cattle, Setting up her figures, representin’ [...]

An Ancient Revival

An Ancient Revival   Carpools of crayfish wandering the ocean, A harbinger, maybe, or an effervescent ray. Flowing like water that drips from a leaf, If you don’t have a lesson, I’ll be on my [...]

Death and Disease

Death and Disease   I must have spent too much time up on my head; It took more than six tries to get out of bed.   Before I could take off the covers this [...]

When Saying It Meant Something

When Saying It Meant Something   Back long ago, before ducks could walk; Very far back, when I did not even talk. Pistols would ring out in ears like a bell; Taking down hooligans that [...]

A Corinthian Element

A Corinthian Element   One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight; Count it again if you still feel the weight. A structure beholden by several whimpering sheep; Counting at night, not yet taken hold [...]

Remaining Rapacious

Remaining Rapacious   Inscrutable sorrow for those with a knack; To swell from the source and come around back. Remaining rapacious in spite of dire warning, Alone with indigence, to control without scorning. Only teeth [...]


Jackie   Jackie sang songs like a siren, From a corset of lace, pushed up from below. Long, coarse black hair with highlights of gray, She sang every day ’til her heart just gave way. [...]