The Beekeeper’s Daughter – Part Seven

Part VII:

The blank look on his daughter’s face led Caleb to believe she had absolutely no idea what chasing windmills meant, or how this was related to the practice of beekeeping. Moving past the Cervantes reference, he was rather sure his daughter would have no idea what the term chivalry even meant.
“Dear, I simply don’t want you to get in over your head,” Caleb attempted to reason with his daughter, in between bites of his breakfast. “You should focus more on being a child and less on growing up.”
“With all due respect, Daddy,” Jessica said in an uncertain tone, while paying notable attention to the wondrous combination of pancake, chocolate, and honey filled her palette, “Some choices are mine and mine alone to make. What if something terrible happens to you as it did to my mother? Then, where will I be?”
Caleb, solemn though he attempted to be, realized that his daughter had a point. In his school-age years, he spent many mornings observing his father tending to the bees. Although he sought only to protect his daughter from setting herself up to fail, he realized he wasn’t giving her the chance to achieve success.
“How would you like to join me this morning on my chores?” Caleb asked of his daughter, knowing of course that she would answer in the affirmative.

To be continued…


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